Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are always available within the Archdiocese of Chicago and at times, there are openings here at St. Michael in Old Town and at some of our local parishes. When aware of these openings, the link to the job offerings will be posted on this page. you can always go to the Archdiocese of Chicago for a complete listing of career opportunities

Wedding Coordinator at St. Michael in Old Town
This is a part time position, no benefits with Friday and Saturday weddings. This coordinator will work all Friday weddings and Saturday weddings will be divided amongst the two coordiantors so each coordinator works an equal number of weddings.

Job Description 

  1. Knowledge of Catholic liturgy
  2. Personable
  3. Able to handle difficult situations and people when under pressure
  4. Leader, able to direct attendants and families
  5. Able to stand firm on liturgical requirements
  6. Coordinates/works well with other staff members
  7. Supports the priest with pre and post wedding setup
  8. Prepare the sanctuary, altar, and liturgical needs for a ceremony or a Mass
  9. Conduct rehearsal for wedding

To apply, submit your resume to information@st-mikes.org.

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