Pastoral Staff                                 Parish Staff

Rev. Ted Lawson, C.Ss.R.
312.642.2498 x 216
Business Office
Pat Krier
312.642.2498 x 215
Associate Pastor
Rev. Ramon Dompke, C.Ss.R.
312.642.2498 x 226
Administrative Assistant
Barbara Giannoni
312.642.2498 x 210
Associate Pastor
Rev. Joe Morin, C.Ss.R.
312.642.2498 x 224
Wedding Coordinator/Parish Center Manager
Christine Kordiuk
312.642.2498 x 301
Pathways Spirituality Resource
Rev. Ken Sedlak, C.Ss.R.
312.642.2498 x 234
Coordinator of Religious Education
Elizabeth Kabacinski
312.642.2498 x 303
In Residence
Rev. Jame Keena, C.Ss.R.
312-642-2498 x 230
John Steigerwald
312.642.2498 x 210


Music Ministry


Parish Activities
James Colaianni
312-642-2498 x 239


We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.